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Washington: Tell candidates to protect kids from toxic chemicals

Posted by Safer States on Aug 15, 2008

Traintoy In the past two years, the Washington legislature has passed precedent-setting laws to protect kids from toxic chemicals. This success has drawn the attention of the chemical industry and their allies. They will be working hard to thwart our success during the 2009 legislative session and beyond.

To combat their efforts, we need to demonstrate to all candidates running for state office that there is broad public support to protect kids from toxic chemicals. That way, when the 2009 legislature starts in Olympia, we will have leaders in place to stand up to the chemical industry.

That’s where you come in.  We couldn’t have passed these laws without your help and we can’t reach these candidates without you either.  That’s why we are asking you to get 10 or more postcards signed by friends and family to demonstrate the support for eliminating toxic chemicals in Washington.

During our Toxic Toys Campaign, we had over 3,000 postcards signed from all 49 state legislative districts. The postcards were hand-delivered to all of the legislators in Olympia. This effort was crucial to our success. This fall, our goal is to get at least 3,000 postcards signed from around the state that will be hand-delivered to candidates running for state offices.

All you need to do is get the postcards signed and mail them back to us by Sept. 15th. We'll make sure they get to the right candidates. To download a postcard packet, click here.