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Washington: Tell state officials to get lead out of products

Posted by Safer States on Oct 1, 2008

Girl_shower_curtain2 Thirty years ago, recognizing how dangerous lead is to public health and the environment, policymakers banned lead from gasoline and paint. Yet, shockingly, lead is still found in a wide array of consumer products, such as vinyl products like shower curtains, cosmetics, and electronic products. Lead is also used in many industrial applications, as well as in fishing weights and ammunition.

Right now Washington State’s Department of Ecology is developing a plan for phasing out the use of lead in our state. We need your help in asking Ecology to protect children’s health by adopting a stronger lead phase-out plan.

Lead is harmful to young children's developing brains. Children exposed to even the smallest amount of lead are more likely to suffer from learning disabilities and behavioral problems. Experts agree:  There is no safe level of lead exposure.

The current draft of the lead action plan has many encouraging proposals but to provide the protection kids deserve it needs to be much more comprehensive.  For example it currently does not include a goal of eliminating unnecessary lead exposures from common consumer products or recommend policies that would help in-state manufacturers eliminate their use of lead.

The Department of Ecology is being lobbied by a variety of industries that use lead in their products. To counter their efforts we need an outpouring of public support to show the Dept. of Ecology there is strong public support for the agency to continue to be a strong leader on this issue.

The deadline for comments is Monday Oct. 6th.  Take a minute to send an email by clicking here.