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Protect orca whales in the Puget Sound

Posted by Safer States on Nov 20, 2008

orca whale puget sound Puget Sound’s endangered orca whales need our help!  These majestic icons are one of the most polluted mammals in the world.  Just this month, researchers confirmed that seven orcas – 10 percent of the Puget Sound population – are missing and believed to be dead.  Toxic pollution is a big part of why the orcas are struggling.

It’s time we take decisive action to clean up and restore Puget Sound.  Right now, the Puget Sound Partnership is accepting public comments on their action plan.  While there are many encouraging parts of the plan, it is missing key actions that would help reduce toxic pollution from industry around Puget Sound.  We need to generate a tidal wave of support to make sure our orca whales are put on a path to recovery. 

Washington state spends tens of millions of dollars each year cleaning up pollution and billions of dollars each year in health care costs treating diseases linked to environmental pollutants.  Yet, at the same time polluters continue to use toxic chemicals that contaminate Puget Sound and our bodies, without paying for the true cost of their pollution.  It's time wildlife and taxpayers got off this toxic treadmill.

The current draft of the action plan does not include provisions that will help move Washington's businesses toward safer alternatives and away from chemicals known to be harmful.  These proposals should include increasing the availability of technical assistance to help businesses reduce chemical use, developing a state program to focus on researching safer chemicals and materials, and requiring better industry reporting of the chemicals currently being used.

Comments are only being accepted until this Thursday! Click here to send an email and help protect orca whales from toxic pollution.