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Chemical industry angers demographic it wants to woo

Posted by Safer States on Jun 8, 2009

Mom blogger BPA In the aftermath of revelations that representatives of the food packaging and chemical industries met at a swanky Washington D.C. club recently to talk about how to generate positive public opinion on controversial chemical bisphenol A there was one group more outraged than perhaps any other – mom bloggers.

This is unfortunate for those industry types, who talked at their meeting specifically about how to woo young moms (and their pocketbooks) back to the dark side of accepting BPA in their family’s food. But young moms are savvy and educated consumers. A key reason why big chains like Target and Babies ‘R’ Us only carry BPA-free baby bottles is the pressure they felt from many a mom customer.

The chemical industry apparently doesn’t appreciate the power of moms.

According to meeting notes obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Washington Post, a key focus of the industry meeting was how to convince moms that BPA is perfectly safe to consume (contrary to what countless scientific studies say). They even went so far as to declare that a pregnant woman would be the “holy grail” of spokeswomen who could really sway the opinions of young mothers.

Well, intelligent moms aren’t taking the bait, and they’re not happy about the prospect of being talked down to by the chemical and food industries.

Here are a few snippets from some excellent mama blogs:

Eco Child’s Play

The packaging industry knows that moms are getting wiser and will spend their money to make healthier choices. We’re staying away from canned foods that are laced with BPA and buying products that are labeled BPA FREE. We’ve hurt their pocketbook and instead of looking for safer alternatives they’ve decided that it’s better to spend half a million dollars in a campaign that uses a pregnant woman to be their cheerleader.

Safe Mama

So essentially, they want to scare you into buying products containing BPA because they don’t want to lose money.  They don’t want to bother investigating safer alternatives.  They just want things to go back to the way they were… when we all had no idea BPA existed.  Too bad we’re not so naive to be convinced by fear and a pregnant woman.  This “young mother” isn’t going to fall for it.

The Soft Landing

Beware the upcoming marketing campaign depicting a desperately concerned pregnant mommy warning you about the impending disappearance of canned foods. Save BPA - it’s not that harmful!  What about the moms who don’t have time to grow their own food and prepare it without the help of cans lined with BPA?!

The Smart Mama

So, instead of spending money to explore alternatives, the industry wants to spend money convincing us women (because, well, we do make most of the household buying decisions) that BPA is safe using a pregnant woman. Yep, that's right, you will be persuaded by a young mother telling you BPA is safe. Or, the industry will scare us that without BPA, we will die from contaminated canned foods. Well, Japan has made significant strides in alternatives to BPA containing epoxy resins for canned foods.

Sounds like once again smart mamas have it right. Let’s tell manufacturers to get BPA out of canned food and beverages. Why waste money on polling and messaging when it can be spent finding a safe alternative?

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Non-Toxic Kids was also one of the first to respond in outrage over this, late at night in a parent sleep deprived stupor, I might add. You can read it here:


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