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Maine moms send message in a bottle

Posted by Safer States on Jun 10, 2009

MaineRallyJune09_250 Maine moms are pumping up efforts to push legislators and local businesses toward removing products containing bisphenol A  (BPA) from stores.

Activists gathered in Portland's Monument Square June 4 to demand stepped-up efforts at protecting consumers from harmful chemicals.

Michael Belliveau, executive director of the Environmental Health Strategy Center and a co-founder of  Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine, urged retailers and legislators alike to make toxic-free products a priority.

Watch a short video of Belliveau's remarks by clicking here.  

Belliveau said: 

"This isn’t just about the businesses that are lagging behind or about the dangers of BPA. Yes, we need businesses to do more, and yes, BPA needs to be a priority for the DEP. But we also need lawmakers to do more. We can’t fix a system one business at a time, one chemical at a time, or one state at a time. For the health of our kids and their kids, we need Congress to take on the chemical industry and take immediate action to fix this broken system."

Maine's Kid-Safe Products Law  is hoped to be a model for Congressional reform of the federal system. Last month Maine Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree, who sponsored the law, encouraged her mother Congresswoman Chellie Pingree to follow Maine's lead.  

Maine residents who want to speak up against BPA have another chance tomorrow, when more parents - accompanied again by the 20-foot bottle - will be making their message heard in Bangor at noon at the Rite Aid at Union St. & Hammond St.

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