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Creepy Halloween Cosmetics

Posted by Safer States on Oct 29, 2009

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics this week released a study that brings to light the lack of safety regulations around Halloween cosmetics. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental organizations with a goal of protecting consumer from harmful chemicals being used in cosmetics.

Children’s face paints were regularly found to have toxins such as lead, nickel, cobalt and chromium. Lead is a neurotoxin that should be kept away from children at any level.

The Healthy Legacy Coalition, a Minnesota-based Safer State organization, commented on the study saying:

Because these metals are not listed on product labels, parents shopping for Halloween make-up have no way of knowing which products are safe. While this is particularly concerning for parents at this time of year, these products are used year-round for dress-up and play, and the lack of cosmetic safety standards is a problem that extends to all cosmetics sold in the United States.

You can read more about the study here. This year, how about ensuring your children’s safety by making food-based paints or working with your children to find costumes that don’t require make-up?

Here’s wishing your family has a safe and happy Halloween!

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