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Clean and Healthy New York: Digging up the dirt on 'greenwashing'

Posted by SAFER States on Oct 16, 2012

New York

"When Bobbi Chase Wilding looked for an environmentally safe, healthy mattress for children, she found a confusing blizzard of green-sounding claims, seals and logos."

"Of about 190 crib mattresses sold nationwide, manufacturers of more than half made environmental or health claims, often backed by one or more official-sounding certifications. Among those making green claims were 39 models that used potentially dangerous chemicals."

"'Words like natural, pure, green and eco sound reassuring, but they had no clear definition, and can be used by anyone,' said Wilding, director of Albany-based Clean and Healthy New York, who examined children's mattresses for a safety study last year. 'Some manufacturers are trying to profit without changing.'"

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