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Voters Want Safer Chemicals!

Posted by SAFER States on Oct 25, 2012

Safer States Candidate Engagement Guide

As we all know, election season is well underway. The pre-recorded phone calls that come right as we sit down to dinner, the flyers littering our mailboxes, and ads with ominous drumbeats whenever we turn on the television—it's easy to get more than a little sick of politics. But as we also know, the elected officials on all of those flyers, calls and advertisements are going to decide some pretty critical issues. Like protecting us from toxic chemicals.

And so, to that end, we've come up with a little campaign literature of our own: Safer States' guide to toxic chemicals, health, and economy (pdf). This four-page guide talks about the dangerous chemicals in everyday consumer products, the effect they have on our health, and how our outdated regulatory structure fails to keep us safe. We look at how regulating chemicals creates economic opportunity, as well as a safer world for us and our children. And, as candidates need to know: It's what voters want!

Read over the guide, and get the facts for yourself. Then share them with candidates running for office in your district. Sure, election season can be a drag. But so is an outdated policy that lets dangerous chemicals into every cabinet in our home. We are Safer States, and we approve this message!

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