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New Study Confirms Toxic Chemicals in Couches

Posted by SAFER States on Nov 29, 2012

85% of our couches contain toxic or untested flame retardants We here at Safer States have long been concerned about the toxic chemicals hidden throughout our homes. And now a recent study shows that they're right under our bottoms! A group of researchers, led by Duke University, found that 85% of our couches contain toxic or untested flame retardants—often whether or not they were labelled as such. It's a pretty chilling number. And people are taking note.

People are talking about the study at the state level, across the border into Canada, and in the science press and national outlets like USA Today, CBS and Fox News.

Thanks to our friends who have done the scientific research, making sure these hidden dangers remain hidden no more.

And now onto action! While we wait for a federal solution, states like Washington are stepping up, introducing legislation to ban toxic chemicals like chlorinated Tris, one of the worst toxic flame retardant chemicals. Let's hope they join other trailblazing states like New York, which passed Tris-banning legislation last year.

Here's to healthy couches (and healthy lives)! Will your state be next?