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Washington State: The Toxic Facts are In

Posted by SAFER States on May 1, 2013

ChemicalsRevealed The chemical industry has long said that all of the chemicals in our household products are totally safe—and anyone who believes otherwise is being ridiculously extreme. In fact, they're just silly chemophobes!

But we here at SAFER aren't motivated by baseless extremism or irrational fears—we're motivated by scientific data. And today, the numbers are in.

Thanks to groundbreaking legislation in Washington State, makers of kids' products have to report when they have chemicals that have been flagged as dangerous. And the data have been staggering.

Over 5,000 kids' products in Washington contain toxic chemicals— everything from cadmium to phthalates to flame retardants. And these chemicals are in products with trusted labels—everything from Walmart to the Gap to H&M.

We applaud the manufacturers for reporting these chemicals in Washington—and the other states that are considering similar legislation to address the products sold in their state. We're still working for a federal solution to move these toxic chemicals out of kids' products for good. But for now, we're happy to have the data on hand, so consumers can see what's in their products. Because our concern isn't about extremism or irrationality—it's about the toxic facts.