States are leading the way to safer chemicals

33 states are considering 136 policies to protect people from toxic chemicals. 251 state policies have been adopted in 38 states.

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Steering the nation towards a healthier future.

For over a decade, Safer States has united state advocacy groups to pass common-sense policies that keep harmful chemicals out of our food, water, and air. Together, we are building a future in which everyone can count on safe products, clean water and healthy communities.

Maine is the first state in the country to ban PFAS “forever chemicals” in all products

July 15, 2021

Today, Maine’s groundbreaking bill that bans “intentionally added” toxic PFAS chemicals in all products by 2030 became law. The new law positions Maine as the first state in the country to establish a procedure to eliminate PFAS in all products, except where the state determines the use is “currently unavoidable,” meaning that the use is both critical for health or safety and a safer alternative is not available.

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