No one wants toxic chemicals in the products they use or bring into their homes. Laws mandating disclosure of chemical ingredients in products helps steer companies and consumers towards non-toxic options.
Legislatures across the country have banned the worst-of-the-worst chemicals from products. From flame retardants to PFAS, these bans have taken harmful products off store shelves and encouraged the use of safer alternatives.
By changing administrative codes for purchasing and use of products, we can reduce toxic chemicals in many industries including local and state government, hospitals, and child cares. Please visit the Sustainable Procurement Policies Roadmap for more information.
Corporations have huge power to influence chemicals in products sold on store shelves and used in manufacturing processes. Safer States and our partners work with the biggest companies in America to convince them to adopt sustainable chemical policies. Additionally, we aim to hold the worst actors accountable for their pollution and chemical releases. Read more about the PFAS crisis and how taxpayers are bearing the burden at our Nonstick Nightmare[] website.
By modeling legislation and providing strategic and technical assistance on federal policy, Safer States creates national protections against toxic chemicals.